Business Owners Are The Ones Responsible

It’s Your Fault

Every business owner in the world must be aware of one key principle, everything is your fault. Each and every thing that occurs within your business is due to your decisions as the owner, founder, chief executive officer or whatever your title may be, you are the one leading the way of the ship. If a ship runs aground, the crew managing sonar and surroundings may have allowed it to happen, however it is the decision of the captain (chief officer) that hired that crew, and put the systems and protocol in place is the leading factor to that situation ultimately occurring.

Without getting too negative, this principle applies to positive outcomes of situations and occurrences as well. Including a company winning big, whether it is hitting a new sales milestone, or exceeding the yearly profit goals – it is the “fault” of the owner, founder, CEO, etc. who is leading the company whose decisions led to that big win.

This video explains more in detail.